Braun splint with the cotton cover

The device is made of anatomic-shaped polyurethane foam. There are air ducts on the surface of elevator which provides air migration and prevents against the bedsores. The quality of the foam provides excellent support and relaxation even for overweight patients.

Orthopedic pillow

Our orthopedic pillow PA-VM-12 is an excellent product for back and side sleepers. The pillow has a good proportions and innovative design, supports your spine when you are sleeping on your back and side.

Aid for moving patients

Transfer belt AM-P is created to transfer and support the patients. Solid, ergonomic and durability construction simplifies nursing in hospital or home. The belt consists of three comfortable and durable grips with plastic buckle what allows to move the patient.

Cover for PA-VM-06

DURABLE SKIN-FRIENDLY black or white Made of VelvetCotton

Cover for PA-VM-01



Pillow PA-VM-08

Our back rest PA-VM-08 is an ideal support for people who keep a sitting position for the most of the day and who feel pain in the lower part of their back.

Cushion KO-PU-B

Our lumbar cushion helps promote good posture while sitting in car or office. The shape of the cushion reflects the anatomic lumbar spine shape. It occupies the space between seat and body precisely. It is invaluable support for people who suffer from back pain and lumbar slipped disc.